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Welcome to Carpet Bowls

As an association we want to do everything we can to grow the game of Carpet Bowls, whether in an area where the it is already established or where there is no county association.

If you would like any assistance in setting up a club, league, association, or if you would like any information or help in any way, we will be happy to do whatever we can.

You can contact us by emailing ecba [at] englishcarpetbowls.com. Alternatively you can find a list of county contacts here.

We have been able to help in the formation of a new club in Great Hinton, near Trowbridge, Wiltshire from whom we received the following update.

As you can see from the attached photograph, we are up and running.
I have a paid up membership of 18 villagers, with 6 more asking to join the Bowling Club.
Thank you for the help you have given me in obtaining the Bowling equipment which we all think is superb.
The Club will run from October - March each year, which may be lengthened depending on the on going popularity of the game.
I am in touch with other local Clubs, and hope to link up with them in the future.
Thanks again for you interest and help.

Mike Truman

The latest new addition to the world of Carpet Bowls is in Stockton On Tees.

Yarm Road Methodist Church, Stockton on Tees Carpet Bowls Club is now up and running thanks to your help.
Initially Mick Watkins put us in touch with David Storey from Durham E.C.B.A. who has helped tremendously. He helped us acquire two mats second hand with the bowls and equipment, he even delivered them to us, a journey of 30 miles each way, and after a day at work. Thanks David.
We have 16 to 20 keen players who are really enjoying the game. This could not have been achieved without your prompt help . thanks once again.

Ian Jones

updated 14/10/09