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Equipment Wanted
If you would like help finding equipment please contact us at
ecba [at] englishcarpetbowls.com.

Woods Wanted
My name is Colin Hargreaves and I am a volunteer coach for Special Olympics GB, I am part of Special Olympics Merseyside and as well as other sports we played a game called Bocce and had a bowls carpet just over 60ft by 12ft.

We have had problems with moving and storing the carpet and with not much interest in the game locally we decided to move onto carpet bowls and have cut the carpet into 4, so we have the carpet and have been using short mat bowls that are larger and heavier than needed just to give the athletes a taste of the game.

We now need to get some right sized carpet bowls and have been told to try through the ECBA first to see if any bowls are available from other clubs for a price before we buy new ones.

If you can help please contact: cp.hargreaves@gmail.com 07794231608