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There were 20 teams entered at Sherburn for the event, which was being hosted by Sunderland, although there was one last minute drop-out

The teams were divided into 4 groups of 5, with the top 2 from each group qualifying for the knockout stages.

Group 1
The group was dominated by the teams led by Tony Cuthbert and Michael Laydon, who both comfortably advanced to the knockout rounds.

Group 2
The defending champions from Suffolk. led by Neil Jolly, comfortably won all their games to win the group, while Bob Usher's team were runners-up.

Group 3
Ian Clark and his team were the winners, with Chris Cairn's team going through in second place.

Group 4
The teams led by Wayne McMann and Steven Wilson saw their way through to the Quarter Finals.

Knockout Rounds
Quarter Finals

Wayne McMann overcame Michael Laydon 6-3 to make it to the last four.

Neil Jolly led Chris Cairns 4-1, but was pulled back to 5-5 going into the last end with Chris' team winning 8-5.

Ian Clark had a relatively comfortable 7-4 win over Bob Usher.

Tony Cuthbert unfortunately proved no match for Steven Wilson's team, losing 3-8.

Steven Wilson was out of the gates quickly against Ian Clark, to lead 5-0, at which point the wheels fell off as Ian's team swept past them to tin 10-5.

Chris Cairns was off to the better start against Wayne McMann, but was caught up, and although the game remained close to the end, it was Wayne's team that triumphed with a 5-4 win.

Fittingly, the day ended with a close game as the teams led by Wayne McMann and Ian Calrk fought it out for the win.

Wayne's team won the first 3 ends, but just by a shot on each. Ian picked up 1 on the 3rd end, but Wayne restored the 2 shot lead on end 4. Again, it was back to a 1 shot lead, and then back out to 2, 4-2 after 6 ends. Ian needed more than just a single to keep the game going, and he got it with a 2, to square the game at 4-4 and force an extra end.

And it all came down to the final wood, Ian was holding, but Chris came through to move the jack, take one shot, and win the game 5-4.

For the team of Martin Campbell, Wayne McMann & Aidan Turnes, it was a repeat of their 2019 win.

Winners - Durham/Sunderland

Runners-Up - Durham

updated 04/09/23