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Coronavirus Guidelines
On 17 July 2020, the UK Government published their “Next Chapter In Our Plan To Rebuild” document.

This included, with effect from 1 August 2020 the advice, amongst other things, that remaining leisure and entertainment facilities could re-open. At the same time, there of course restrictions that remain in place.

The ECBA have received a number of recent enquiries around the returning to playing of carpet bowls and whether we have any guidance to offer.

We have been monitoring the position throughout the ongoing pandemic.

The ECBA recommends that counties and their clubs should adopt a cautious approach when making any decisions for resuming the playing of carpet bowls. Moving too early or trying to do too much too soon may give a false impression that “normal” services have resumed, but they have not.

To assist counties and their clubs with their decision to resume playing carpet bowls, the ECBA have prepared a set of guidelines, which is available
here: Coronavirus Guidelines Document

The ECBA are not experts on pandemics, so while any decision to resume playing carpet bowls is at the discretion of the counties and their clubs, it is imperative that UK Government advice and public health measures be followed to reduce the risks for community transmission.

If during this unprecedented time, a member county or a club has anything they consider the ECBA can provide guidance on, please email ecba@englishcarpetbowls.com

We wish all our member counties and their clubs the best with their efforts to resume playing carpet bowls. Please proceed slowly and cautiously and at the same time, remember to stay connected with those clubs and individual bowlers who choose not to return to playing immediately.

English Carpet Bowls Association Committee

18th July 2020