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Amendment to Rule 1.8
At the 2017 AGM of the ECBA an amendment to the existing Rules was agreed which removes the requirement for all woods to be a particular weight.

The rule as it stood stated that the bowls:

"shall be 98mm (3.875 in) in diameter, or 737.09gm (1lb 10oz) in weight and be No. 3 bias"

It has become apparent that there is a degree of variation between the bowls currently in use across the country with some being slightly lighter and some slightly heavier than the stipulated weight.

Since the manufacturers cannot guarantee that the weight of each wood they produce is exactly the weight as stated in the rules and the Association has no desire to see clubs have to purchase new woods it was decided that the best course of action was to remove the weight of each bowl from the rule.

The rules still stipulates the exact size and bias to which each bowl must comply. The full rule therefore now reads as follows:

16 bowls, 8 of each colour, all made by the same manufacturer, shall be 98mm (3.875 in) in diameter and be No. 3 bias. No bowls other than this matching set shall be used in a game. Stickers may be used to distinguish between the bowls.