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A Thank You From Worcestershire

The folks at Childswickham in Worcestershire who we visited this year to help set up their club have sent us a thank you.

If you think that we can be of any assistance to your club, please contact us at ecba@englishcarpetbowls.com


A Thank You From Derbyshire

We have recently been able to help Stepping Lane Bowls Club, Derby set up their club.

If you think that we can be of any assistance to your club, please contact us at ecba@englishcarpetbowls.com

Here's what Stepping's Captain had to say:

Glad to say we have a thriving team who have just won a friendly match with Mackworth...so proud of them.

A Thank You From France

A little while back we had a request for help from a group of ex-pats living in France who were looking to set up a club.

Happily we were able to help out and here is the note of thanks we have received:

Hello, our Carpetbowls clubs have just broken up for the Summer and we have been so pleased with the progress we`ve made here in France, since we picked up the carpets last January from Tony Cuthbert, at Scotch Corner .

We succesfully started a club first at a local hotel called Le Champsac, in the Limousin, we regularly had between 16-20 players throughout the winter months.

Then we opened 2 more in local villages, where the local Marie`s allowed us free use of the halls.

We have been delighted to have some French gents join in too, and then people started bringing their grandchildren and these small village clubs regularly had 12 or so people playing.

We are really delighted at the response and I felt we ought to let you know that due to all your help and encouragement, ex-pats, and the French are thriving on this sport, making new friends, learning each others language, and looking forward to starting to play again in September.

With lots of thanks and appreciation, from the PENSOL CARPET BOWLS here on the Limousin/Dordogne border in France.

Yours Sincerely
Hilary and Roger Brayshaw.

Here is the original request:

Hello everyone, we are a group of Brits living in the Limousin area of France, who are very interested in starting an indoor carpet bowls club.

My husband and I played the game in Scotland a few years ago and we have found there is an opening here.

Of course people try petagne but its not usually played indoors even in the Winter.

According to my research there isn`t an indoor carpet bowls club in France at all.

We are hoping to find some second hand equipment to get started, mainly the carpet, would be a big help.

It will be a fun activity to play in a warm hall, IF you can help in any way at all it would be great to hear from you.

Many of us return home to UK for Xmas in our cars, so if we were lucky to have offers of things, we feel confident we could get it home to France.

Hopefully yours
Hilary Brayshaw
(late of Scarborough, Bridlington,and Leeds)