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Bedfordshire Triples 2016/17

Sunday 5th March saw 21 teams entered, but owing to a team dropping out the draw had to be redone on Saturday, leaving us with 20 teams in 4 groups of 5.

Unfortunately we then had to re organise again on the day as one team didn’t inform the organisers they were not coming (please inform the Competitions Secretary as sson as you know you will not be able to attend).

Well done to Keith for the last minute rejig.

Group A
This saw three way battle between D Walker, P Lovell and A Hatton. With the Walker trio on six points, a win in their final game would have given them a clean sweep, but P Lovell beat them to pip A Hatton by a point.

Group B
M Walker
romped through unbeaten in the group but there was a battle between N Rixon and A Speake going on for second but the Rixon triple had a 19-2 win to go through on shots.

Group C
P Baynes
was looking comfortable on 6 points after three games only to lose their last game so needing a shot count to edge M Dowse out on shot difference to both progress.

Group D
This again saw a battle for runner up as G Buttrum eased away from the others. The game between B Cowell and C Still would decide second and the Cowell triple won it 12-1 to take 2nd in group.

Quarter Finals
D Walker
(Maulden) v B Cowell (Maulden)
A close encounter between club mates saw the last end decide the match. At 6-2 down the Walker trio grabbed five shots to take the match 7-6.

M Walker (Colmworth) v M Dowse (Ravensden )
This match saw the undefeated Walker trio struggle and with consistent scoring the Dowse triple won six of the seven ends to win 10-3.

P Baynes (Cople) v N Rixon (Barton)
Nip and tuck, this one, as they shared the odd shots but a decisive 3 saw the Rixon three through by 6-3.

G Buttrum (Cotton End) v P Lovell (Clophill)
In a bizarre game the Buttrum trio led 5-0 after 3 ends only to concede 6 on the 4th end they then traded shots but a single on the last end saw the Lovell trio through 9-7.

D Walker
(Maulden) v M Dowse (Ravensden)
This semi was a little one sided as the Walker triple eased away to a win by 10-2.

N Rixon (Barton) v P Lovell (Clophill)
The Barton trio were straight on it in this game and took a 6 on last end as they eased to a 12-3 victory.

Peter Crump, Mike Conly-Hook & Daniel Walker (Maulden) v Ron Worsnop, Leslie Nunn & Neil Rixon (Barton)
End 1 - A very scrappy start but Barton hold 4 only to see Daniel draw in to take shot. 1-0
End 2 - This time it's a role reversal. Maulden hold 2 as Neil draws in close with his final wood. 1-1
End 3- Ron has found the jack as both Peter and Mike struggle and Neil is in with his last to pick up 2. 1-3
End 4 - The shot goes to and fro as each player outdraws the last. Daniel's last decides the end. 2-3
End 5 - Daniel is 2 down with his last wood to play but he finds a draw into the gap to nick a single. 3-3
End 6 - Leslie is close but Maulden hold 2 despite Neil's best efforts. They hold those 2 and lead 5-3
End 7 - Leslie pushes the jack back but Maulden hold shot until Neil puts his first wood on to the jack. Daniel can't reply. 5-4 End 8 - This sees the shot change with every wood as Mike draws in close and Neil responds and after a measure takes 2 to go in front at 5-6
End 9 - Peter, Ron, Mike and Leslie all nail the jack one after another, the skips follow suit and Daniel holds 1 with a measure for 2 is it enough to win? Noooooo! 6-6
Extra End - Barton are in on the jack. Despite two fine efforts to get to it Maulden have no answer and loose a single 6-7

Well done to Barton for a fine victory and to Maulden who made this another epic battle in a final.

Bedfordshire Pairs 2016/17

Sunday 8th January saw 35 pairs compete for the title at Barton le Clay.

Group A
This was a two horse race as P Bol and N Rixon tied on 7pts at the top of the group. Neil edged through on shot difference which meant a nervy wait for Pete and Brenda, the defending champions, who finally took the one runner-up spot.

Group B
This group saw one match decide the winner as P Crump edged G Savage out with 7-3 win to top the group.

Group C
At halfway anyone of four teams were in with a chance but despite losing their last game J O'Brien had enough points to take the group from M Walker and P Baynes.

Group D
Away from the start A Hatton breezed through undefeated and only dropping 8 shots on the way.

Group E
B Davidson
won Group E with 7 pts. They were pushed by M Rogers but eased through to the Quarter Finals.

Group F
The tightest group of the day with P Hurren finished on 6 pts they had to hope S Lee-Dell would falter as she had to win to get on to six points. A 9-5 win meant it was count up time as the shot difference was equal but with 3 more shots scored S Lee-Dell went through.

Group G
M Conly-Hook
eased into Quarter Finals with three wins and a draw.

Quarter Finals
N Rixon (Barton) v B Davidson (Maulden)

The Barton pair eased into 5-0 lead which was enough of a lead to hold on for the win 5-2.

P Crump (Maulden) v S Lee-Dell (Slip End)
This was a very tight game with the score at 3-3. In the end it was decided by a single shot to Slip End to win 4-3.

J O'Brien (Toddington) v M Conly-Hook (Maulden)
This was very tight too as they traded shots to be 5-5 but another snatched single saw the Toddington pair through 6-5.

A Hatton (Turvey) v P Bol (Colmworth)
The Turvey pair were 2 down after 2 ends but two threes saw them ease away to win 6-4.

J O'Brien v A Hatton

This game saw the Turvey pair take a 3-0 lead after 3 ends. A single to Toddington made it 3-1 but the Turvey pair eased away to take the game 6-1.

N Rixon v S Lee-Dell
After 4 ends Slip End held a 3-1 lead. A two on the next saw them 5-1 up and with only another single Barton slipped to a 5-2 defeat.

Keith Cockings & Andrew Hatton (Turvey) v Shirley Knapton & Sandra Lee-Dell (Slip End)
The final saw 4 very experienced bowlers and very good friends enter into battle.
End 1 - The leads are wayward as Andrew nicks a single to go 1-0 up.
End 2 - Shirley nails the jack and is holding two. Sandra draws in two more as Andrew sails through a gap and the Slip End ladies take 4 shots: 1-4.
End 3 - Can the Turvey pair rally? It looks it as Keith is on it now with two close bowls and Andrew follows with another. Sandra hits the head but can only cut one wood out as Turvey take 3 shots and level up 4-4.
End 4 - Both leads are close as and it’s a measure with skips to play they both move the head about but Sandra pushes the jack through for 2 shots to take a 4-6 lead.
End 5 - Again with all four players on it its very tight, Andrew plays a super draw to take a single, 5-6.
End 6 - Keith puts two woods on the Jack, Shirley is very close too but those two bowls are counting at the end, 7-6 to Turvey.
End 7 - Turvey hold a single with Sandra having the last wood can she draw in there is a gap? Away it goes, straight in on top of jack. 1=One to Slip End 7-7. EXTRA END time.
End 8 - Keith has two woods close but Shirley is a bit wide. Her third nicks the jack sideways across to her bowls but there is a small gap. Andrew rocks the shot wood but on the outside and falls away leaving a 1 to Slip End who take the game 8-7.

Well done to all four for a superb final played in such a fantastic manner it was one of the best as Mike said at the end.

Bedfordshire Singles 2016/17

Sunday 6th November saw a massive entry for the Singles at Barton le Clay. The 50 entries were put into groups of five with the ten group winners and six best runners-up to go through to the knockout stages.

Group A was dominated by Neil Rixon who went to the knockout with 3 wins and a draw.

Group B was far closer with two players on 6 points. Lesley Nunn eased out George Savage with a superior shot difference. George would have to wait and see if he had a runner-up spot.

Group C saw Daniel Walker being pushed by Susan Savage but he beat Susan and went through undefeated.

Group D was closest of all. Pauline Baynes had a chance to win it with her last match against Tony Meredith which wasn’t comfortable as she took the game 5-3 to win group with 6 points.

Group E again looked to be two horse race as Keith Cockings led Peter Crump, but Keith lost his last match to Peter to leave both on 6 points, Keith went through by shot difference.

Group F saw one match decide it as Pete Lovell pipped Andrew Hatton by winning the match between the two of them.

Group G saw Ann Denton ease to 4 wins and was well clear of Brenda Bol.

Group H
was the Harold Ball show all the way as he took 4 wins. Pam Lovell was on 6 points and had to wait to see if she was through.

Group I saw Mike Walker sail through undefeated.

Group J saw Robert MacDonald was in good form and 4 wins was more than enough to take him through.

Knockout Stages
Round 1
Neil Rixon
6-5 Mike Walker
Lesley Nunn 9-3 Robert Macdonald
Daniel Walker 10-1 Peter Crump
Pauline Baynes 8-4 Andrew Hatton
Keith Cockings 7-4 Pam Lovell
Pete Lovell 5-4 Susan Savage
Ann Denton 6-4 George Savage
Harold Ball 5-4 Brenda Bol

Quarter Finals
Neil Rixon
8-4 Keith Cockings
Lesley Nunn 6-2 Pete Lovell
Daniel Walker 11-1 Ann Denton
Pauline Baynes 6-5 Harold Ball

Neil Rixon
v Lesley Nunn (both Barton)
The two clubmates from Barton had to play each other. Lesley picked a single up on the first end but a 3 and 1 on the next saw Neil 4-1 up. Lesley then took another single only to lose another 3 to be 7-2 down with 2 ends left. Neil took a single to win with an end to spare 8-2.

Daniel Walker v Pauline Baynes (Maulden v Cople)
This game saw both players struggle on the new mat and after 5 ends 5 singles Pauline was 3-2 up and on the 6th end Pauline runs Daniel's wood out to hold 2 and lead 5-2 starting the last end. It was looking difficult to get into a tight head and Daniel's 1 wasn’t enough Pauline wins 5-3.

Pauline Baynes v Neil Rixon
End 1 - Both players are close to the jack. On a quick mat Neil is closer though and takes a 2-0 lead.
End 2 - Pauline draws a super first wood which is never beaten and takes a single. 2-1 to Neil
End 3 - Neil changes to a full length jack. Pauline is a little heavy and Neil's third wood is shot as he leads 3-1.
End 4 - Again Neil is close with his third wood and Pauline can't beat it as Neil takes 2 shots with his last. 5-1.
End 5 - Pauline is closer here holding a 1 as Neil misses the line with his wood, Pauline drops her 4th in which Neil moves but is still 1 down, 5-2.
End 6 - Neil has found it this time and his first 2 woods are very close, Pauline's bowls are close but Neil still holds 2 to go 7-2 up.
End 7 - Neil is short and Pauline has 3 shots as the jack is moved back, Neil again is just short and Pauline takes the opportunity to take 4 and bring herself back into the game at 7-6
End 8 - After 6 woods Neil holds 3 shots. Pauline bowls her last, the line looks narrow as she tries to reach the head but it pushes a short wood of her own between two of Neil's to nick the shot and square the game 7-7
End 9 - Neil puts his 1st wood on the jack and despite Pauline trying to get close her last pushes the only bowls she had in head away to lose a 3,10-7 to Neil

It was a superb final full of great bowls well done to both finalists and to Neil who will represent Bedfordshire at the Eastern and English Champion of Champion.

Huge thanks to all who helped make the day go so well.